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Big News Ahead! Innovation projects wanted!

After spending some time behind the scenes, it's time to unveil some exciting news! I am thankful for the invaluable experiences gained in corporate environments and at tech companies. Now, it's time to enhance lives from an independent delivery perspective.

Thanks for the global-level experience with Deutsche Telekom, 365.bank, and all the rest. That was the pivotal experience I needed before embarking on my own narrative.

Enter the story of the Elevon.io team – a group that's in a league of their own. Me, Martin Kadlec, Lukáš Stašák and many others joining.

This isn't just any team; it's a collective that has traversed the path of groundbreaking innovation and emerged on top.

From developing globally utilized apps to winning the Hyperloop innovation award and crafting astonishing fintech products - that was us, the Elevon.io team, together.

Yes, we've got a bit of a punk spirit (in the best way possible!), and we bring that dynamic energy to everything we undertake. 🤘

We're not all about dreams and ideas that are up in the clouds. We're about rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done. From conceptualization to execution, from tech to the human touch, we're fully committed. Our focus? Digital transformation with a human heart.

We're in the business of improving lives, one digital solution at a time. So, if you're on the hunt for a team that has been there, done that, and has the accolades to show for it, your search ends here. Let's have a chat and transform your vision into an effective reality that excels in the tangible world. 🌍✨

We are in life improving business. Indeed.

Let's make it happen together! 🚀 Martin Horvath | Founder | Elevon.io

p.s. Wish us luck. We still want to pay taxes in Slovakia :-)